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Step by step directions for adding a search box to your Homestead Web site:
1. Print this page for easier reading.
2. Log into your siteLevel account.
3. Click on the "Search Box Options" tab, and click on the "Use Hyperlink to Search Box" link.
4. Highlight the URL within the code in the text box on this page and, at the very top of your Web browser window (in the top toolbar), click on "Edit" and "Copy".  An example of a Search Box Hyperlink URL is the following (however, please refer to your account management area for the correct URL for your account):
Please be sure to include the whole URL that lies between the quotes (" ").
5. Login to your Homestead account.
6. Click on the "Work on my Web Site" link.
7. Click on the "Pages & Files Manager" link.  This will then bring you to a list of all of the Web page files within your site.
8. Select the file within this list that you would like to add a search box link to and click the "Edit" button.  You should now be taken to the Homestead SiteBuilder homepage editor.
9. At the top of the page, click on the text icon (it looks like a capital "T").
10. In the text box that opens up on your page, highlight the "Click here to add your text" text and press the <DELETE> key.
11. With your cursor still in the text box, type "Search This Site".
12. Highlight the "Search This Site" text.
13. Click on the "Link" icon at the top of the page.
14. In the windows that pops up, click on the "URL (Web address):" radio button.
15. Put your cursor in the text field to the right of "URL (Web address):".
16. At the very top of your Web browser window (in the top toolbar), click on "Edit" and "Paste" to paste your search box URL.
17. Drag and drop the "Search This Site" link to where ever on your page you would like.
18. Click on the "Save" button at the top of the HomeBuilder page.
Congratulations!  You have successfully added your search box to your site!
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