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AOL Press
Step by step directions for adding a search box using AOL Press:
1. Print this page for easier reading.
2. Log into your siteLevel account.
3. Click on the "Search Box Options" tab, and click on the "Get JavaScript Search Box Code" link.
4. Highlight the code for your JavaScript search box and, at the very top of your Web browser window (in the top toolbar), click on "Edit" and "Copy" to copy your search box code.
5. Run the AOL Press program.
6. Open the Web page that you would like to add a search box to.
7. On your Web page, type in "insert-search-box" where you would like your search box to appear.
8. Click on "Tools" and "Show HTML".
9. Find and highlight the text that you added ("insert-search-box").  If you are having difficulty in finding this text, click on "Edit" and "Find / Replace", and enter "insert-search-box" in the top text field and click on the "Find" button.
10. With the "insert-search-box" text highlighted, click on "Edit" and "Paste".
11. Click on the close window button ([X]) for the HTML view.  This is on the second line down at the top right of the screen.  Be sure not to click on the close window button ([X]) for the whole AOL Press program.
12. In the "Apply Changes" window, click on Apply.  If any "Error" windows appear after this, click on the "Ignore All" button.
13. If the search box is placed on your page as you would like, click on "File" and "Save" at the top of the AOL Press editor, and proceed to Step 14.
If you would like to change the placement of your search box, go back to your HTML Source (click on "Tools" and "Show HTML"), select your search box (starting with "<!-- Begin siteLevel HTML Searchbox Code -->" and ending with "<!-- End siteLevel HTML Searchbox Code -->"), click on "Edit" and "Cut", close the HTML view window, and go back to Step 7 to retry placing your search box.
14. Open the document in a browser window and make sure that it displays and functions correctly.
15. Upload your page to your server.
Congratulations!  You have successfully added your search box to your site!
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