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  • Jim Motavalli's Wheels Hijacking Hydrogen War Jitters The Myth of SUV Safety That New Car Smell Hijacking Hydrogen Bush dangles an emission-free future, just out of reach 1.29.03 - President
  • Four Fresh Wheels from Jim Motavalli editor - E magazine Sustainable Switzerland - Nov 13 The Pretty New Prius - Oct 23 Debating Points - Sep 25 Fuelish Thinking - July 31 Sustainable Switzerland
  • by Jim Motavalli 8.20.03 The Bio-Beetle: rent it and help the earth People ask me all the time if I’ve heard of the guy who runs his car on the waste oil from McDonald’s fryolators. Forget fuel
  • by Jim Motavalli 9.4.02 BMW Isetta Nancy Gould, a Newton, Massachusetts accountant, says she "never met a bad person while driving a microcar." That's important, because you meet a lot of people driving
  • Prius Diaz & The Hollywood Hybrids Jim Motavalli - Wheels 7.17.02 Hybrid cars are hip. At a recent movie premiere, five Toyota Priuses pulled up next to each other. Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld
  • By Jim Motavalli 12.11.02 Wheels Can you picture Buddha behind the wheel of a Cadillac Escalade? Or the Pope driving a Hummer? Congregational minister Dan Smith recently took to his pulpit in Lexington,
  • Cadi CTS & Toyota e-com: Worlds Apart By Jim Motavalli (Syndicated Wheels Column 5.14.02) I spent the early part of last week on the bucolic campus of the University of California at Irvine, talking
  • Toyota Hands Over The Keys In California By Jim Motavalli Wheels Published 12.3.02 Toyota’s FCHV is based on the Highlander, a Japanese SUV. (Jim Motavalli Photo) IRVINE, CALIFORNIA--“This
  • The flaming EV and the supermodel By Jim Motavalli -Wheels 8.7.02 "Hell-Car Burns Model's Home," screamed the "Page Six" headline in the \ital\New York Post\end ital\. "Veronica Webb's eco-friendly