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  • negative headlines swirling around leading US bank Wells Fargo. The group is still struggling to resurrect its reputation in the wake of multiple misselling revelations. However, far from drawing a line
  • to $4.5bn on the lower tax charge. Wells Fargo is still struggling under the cloud of its customer mistreatment scandals, with revenues down 3% to $21.6bn and an 11% fall in net profit to $5.2bn, despite
  • All the big US banks did well in 3Q, even Wells Fargo which has spent the past couple of years struggling to bounce back from various misselling scandals. Trump's tax cuts were the major contributing
  • As forewarned last week, Wells Fargo agreed to pay $1bn to settle allegations of misconduct in its consumer finance division. Hundreds of thousands of customers were overcharged for mortgage fees and
  • to $2.8bn, while Citi was up 13% to $4.6bn. Wells Fargo gained 5% to $5.9bn, but said it might be required to restate those figures at a later date to accommodate a forthcoming $1bn regulatory settlement
  • Wells Fargo - which didn't have much in the way of accumulated losses - reported a one-off gain in 4Q, offsetting additional charges for litigation related to its various sales practises scandals. As
  • Wells Fargo admitted further wrongdoing within its sales divisions. Following on from its fake customer accounts scandal, and then the unauthorised auto insurance scandal, and then the inflated mortgage
  • again - was Wells Fargo, still struggling with the fallout from its sales practises scandal. Given its business profile, it should have been the bank most likely to benefit from rises in lending, but
  • The sales practises scandal swirling around US bank Wells Fargo just won't go away. It emerged last year that sales executives had signed up existing customers to banking products they didn't need without
  • 3.9bn. Wells Fargo continued to put the sales practises scandal behind it with better than expected earnings of $5.8bn, the first increase for almost two years. However revenues were slightly weaker than

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