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  • The group's single biggest customer is Walmart, which accounted for 21% of worldwide sales in fiscal 2018 (or $3.3bn) and 30% of North America retail sales. Background Cadwallader Washburn founded the
  • of private label toilet tissue to clients including Walmart and Target. In the paper towels segment also, Georgia-Pacific is the #2 branded marketer, some way behind P&G, with around 16% share and sales
  • Among others it manages card services for Walmart, Sam's Club, Gap, Lowe's, JC Penney, Dick's Sporting Goods, BP, Amazon, QVC and TJX Companies. New customer coming on-stream in 2017 include Nissan and
  • Around 80% of sales are generated in the US, and Walmart is the biggest single customer, accounting for over 40% of revenues. Management Melissa Burgess-Taylor was named as chairman & CEO of Fruit
  • Walmart was the group's biggest customer, accounting for 10% of global sales. The addition of Spectrum's battery and car care brands lifted revenues for the year to Sept 2019 to $2.5bn. Net earnings
  • of revenues in ye 2017, and Walmart for 23%. Background Schick Wilkinson Sword was the combination of the two main challengers to Gillette in North America and Europe respectively. Schick had been
  • Walmart alone, in all three countries, accounts for 12% of revenues. The group has total debts of almost $3.4bn, mainly generated by its spin-off as an independent company. Management Drinks industry
  • Its biggest single customer is Walmart, which accounted for 24% of sales in fiscal 2017. Background ConAgra began life as Nebraska Consolidated Mills in 1919, when Alva Kinney grouped together four
  • of group sales were generated in the US, and Walmart alone accounted for 26% of combined revenues or over $1.5bn. Clorox's biggest international markets are Canada and Argentina, each accounting for 3%
  • of total sales, and Walmart accounted for approximately 24% of group revenues or $815m. Background The company was formed in 1846 when brothers-in-law John Dwight and Austin Church joined forces to

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