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  • The group's three biggest US customers of Walmart, Toys R Us and Target represent between them 39% of total worldwide sales. Walmart alone accounts for sales of $1.1bn, more than Toys R Us and Target
  • and for picking up the substantial Walmart account in 2007 (until 2016). Its run of account wins continued throughout 2008 and 2009, earning it the title of US Agency of the Year from Adweek. Clients
  • and two above Walmart and Target. Stores sell a wide selection of upscale but sensibly priced fashion, home goods and cosmetics. In a breakdown of merchandise sales by category for 2016, the group identified
  • maintains an Everyday Low Prices policy similar to Walmart. It offers various financial services to customers including a proprietary credit card, and the Lowe's Project Card, a specialised finance solution
  • SymphonyIRI ye Jan 13 ex Walmart). It is also the leading brand in ready-to-cook bacon (19% share, ahead of Hormel), and a close #2 in ready-to-cook frankfurters. Its main rival is Hillshire Brands.
  • as the country's leading food retailer overall by Walmart in 2002. In fact the Kroger retail brand accounts for only a small proportion of revenues. Instead the group is the umbrella for a substantial
  • largest discount retail chain in the US behind giant Walmart and Target. Once the leading discounter in the country, Kmart struggled for years to find a secure footing in the shadow of stronger rivals
  • The group's biggest customer is Walmart, accounting for 14% of sales in 2015, or $2.6bn. Kleenex is the group's most international brand, available in 150 countries, with sales of around $2bn. Huggies
  • 1.21bn. The group's single biggest customer is Walmart, accounting for 20% of group sales in 2016, or $2.6bn. Topline fell again in 2017 to $12.92bn, the first time since 2010 they have fallen below
  • especially discounters such as Walmart. Penney's fought back with a marketing campaign designed to show that its department stores offer casual as well as conservative fashion at affordable prices. But

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