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  • it will take over from Synchrony as Walmart's exclusive storecard issuer. Combined purchase volumes in 2017 were over $336bn, up 10% on the year before, and the credit card division reported net income
  • According to SymphonyIRI figures (excluding Walmart) for ye Jan 2013, Goldfish was the #3 cracker brand in the US in 2012 with sales of $423m. Pepperidge Farm cookies were the #4 brand with sales of around
  • Like a Walmart of the telecoms industry, all the numbers are big. Revenues for 2018 were almost $171bn, and AT&T is the #1 fixed line company, the #1 in broadband and in global connectivity. It was the
  • trailing only Walmart. Despite the subsequent launch of numerous rival music players and download services, none provided a challenge compelling enough to rival Apple's offer. Perhaps the most notable
  • from offline giants such as Walmart to web-only specialists who range in size from big to minuscule sole traders. Amazon has been able to harness a substantial quantity of the latter traffic by channelling
  • new debit card product available exclusively through Walmart. At the other end of the prestige scale, Amex introduced its ultra-exclusive black Centurion charge card in 1999, offering maximum spending
  • according to figures from SymphonyIRI (ex Walmart), Tampax share had slipped back to 46%. The #2 tampon brand was Playtex with 22%, while Kotex had risen from 11% in 2009 to 16%. In the UK, P&G had
  • whose clients include Walmart. It became the core of new in-store network Saatchi & Saatchi X, which now has around 20 units worldwide. AdAge estimated revenues of $28m in 2016. Management Arguably
  • Had that merger been accepted by regulators, Walmart would have become the biggest shareholder in the combined entity with around 42% of equity. However, after a full year of review, it was blocked by
  • 2015 in an exclusive partnership with retail giant Walmart. That group began stocking the brand under the name Persil ProClean as a premium-priced competitor to P&G's Tide. It already stocked Persil in

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