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  • problems in 1991 before being rescued from bankruptcy by WCRS. This brought it into the fold of what would later become Havas, and the agency briefly adopted the name Evan Hunt Scott Eurocom. The most
  • with a broad range of engine oils, transmission fluids and brake fluids, sold in more than 150 countries worldwide. The core brand in this sector is Castrol, one of the world's best-known motor oil brands,
  • 12.1bn. Emerging markets continue to be the engine to any growth, with Asia and the rest of the world up 6% to €22.9bn, or 45% of the group total. Global emerging markets including Latin America contributed
  • which provided the engine for Korea's massive economic growth during that decade. Ten years later, Asia's economic crisis and intense regulatory pressure from the Korean government caused rivals such
  • smaller company's technology for low-pollution diesel engines. In a further extension of its influence in the domestic market, it agreed terms for a strategic alliance with Suzuki to cooperate on R&D,
  • Mitsubishi and Robert Bosch of Germany to manufacture engine systems, and auto components manufacturer Hyundai Mobis. In 2004, Hyundai Motor sold a 38% stake in its car finance subsidiary Hyundai Capital
  • Among other features, Subaru's engines also have horizontally-opposed pistons which move from side-to-side rather than up and down like other manufacturers, reducing vibration and giving the marque a
  • but also Brazil. The vast majority are low engine-capacity bikes or scooters, although the group also makes touring motorbikes as well as ATVs and quad bikes and "jet bike" personal watercraft. In Sept
  • underperformance within its leasing unit and at its diesel engines division. In 1998 Nissan signed an alliance with DaimlerChrysler to produce commercial vehicles for the Far East. After that the German
  • group has developed a unique energy-efficient hybrid engine technology of its own, which uses not electricity but hydrogen as its alternative fuel. The first models became available in 2009. It is also

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