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  • acquiring search engine portal AltaVista as its launch pad for establishing a global online marketplace. (It sold most of its shares a year later for a substantial profit). By 2001, Compaq remained the
  • is a specialist search engine and web directory which connects residential customers in the US with home service professionals, including builders, plumbers, electricians and decorators. The group's database
  • market for heavyweight touring and custom models with engine sizes ranging from over 600cc to more than 1800cc. Now heading into its 115th year, the brand has long enjoyed a rebellious rock 'n roll image,
  • Powertrain is one of the world's largest automotive engine suppliers with annual sales of approximately $12bn. In 2009, GM agreed to acquire five plants from its former subsidiary Delphi, allowing the
  • the leading global producer of jet engines for commercial and military aircraft. That business was swelled considerably by the acquisition in early 2007 for $4.8bn of Smiths Aerospace, which makes also
  • It also acquired Cosworth racing engines from Audi, following Volkswagen's unsuccessful attempt to seize control of Rolls-Royce. At the same time, newly appointed CEO Jac Nasser unveiled an ambitious
  • manufacturing business in return for a steady supply of engines and other parts. For the next 12 years, virtually all Ford cars were made with Dodge parts, but the brothers dissolved the partnership with
  • and visual search engine Corrigon. Several larger acquired businesses have been sold over the past few years. In 2011 the company announced the acquisition for $2.4bn of digital marketing company GSI
  • Kent too handed over the keys to the Coca-Cola engine in 2015 to British-born James Quincey. Partly to reduce the emphasis of its dominance in the carbonated market, Coca-Cola likes to present itself
  • The most significant of these, and the engine for the group as a whole, is its US credit card business. This has long been regarded as one of the world's most innovative financial services companies.

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