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  • Some Cayenne units use a 3.0 litre engine which contains tainted cheat software. However Porsche has said that its own costs to fix that problem will be moderate. Porsche has a long family association
  • Powertrain is one of the world's largest automotive engine suppliers with annual sales of approximately $12bn. In 2009, GM agreed to acquire five plants from its former subsidiary Delphi, allowing the
  • cover up the existence of the defeat device fitted to engines in diesel cars to cheat emissions tests, but also briefed senior group management at group HQ in Germany over the potential risks involved.
  • It also acquired Cosworth racing engines from Audi, following Volkswagen's unsuccessful attempt to seize control of Rolls-Royce. At the same time, newly appointed CEO Jac Nasser unveiled an ambitious
  • and set up a new company to develop gasoline-powered engines. In 1903, he set out to build his first motor car and sold control of the business to backers in order to raise funding. William Durant ran
  • It continued to supply engines and car chassis in return for branding in what became the Lotus F1 team, but instead began supplying engines to the Red Bull team. That relationship soured during 2014,
  • particular strengths were traditionally in search engine marketing and social media. Originally a specialist in search, it gradually evolved into a full-service agency offering a wide range of services
  • motorcycles and marine engines, best known in the West for its compact 4x4s and SUVs. In Asia, though, the company is famous for the tiny but supremely fuel-efficient mini-vehicles which account for the
  • Saatchi Engine Blue Bunny, Halo Top, Bomb Top US creative n/s Observatory, Wolfgang, Gale various Dole fruit US creative n/s Erich & Kallman Liebig, Erasco, Royco France creative n/
  • in partnership with Chinese search engine Baidu, to avoid it being snapped up by mapping market leader Google or Facebook. Price tag is expected to be over €2bn. Unilever added another high-end niche

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