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  • a third of its billings wiped out when key client Volkswagen consolidated its global account into Mediacom. At the same time Aegis bought out Buhlmann's remaining stake in business, and shifted him across
  • That steady growth was capped by the win of Volkswagen Group's global media in 2016. In the UK, the agency also manages a small collection of satellite units including full service media shop Rocket and
  • despite some excellent creative from DLKW. Volkswagen's Seat brand was a key win at the end of 2013. However, Unilever is the biggest overall account by far - the agency also serves as the European hub
  • a potential conflict with existing Deutsch client Volkswagen, prompting the replacement of Deutsch as Lowe's US office by Campbell Ewald, which rebranded for a while as Lowe Campbell Ewald. The subsequent
  • previously an account director at DDB London on the Volkswagen account; Balon and Wright were management consultants, at McKinsey and Bain & Co respectively). Start-up capital was provided by American
  • competition from traditional rival Vauxhall and fast-growing Volkswagen. Ford no longer makes passenger cars in the UK, with almost all models imported instead from Europe. However its long-time home
  • Unilever, John Lewis Partnership and Volkswagen. The agency maintains a small collection of satellites, of which the most significant by far is the local outpost of digital network Tribal. In 2013,
  • Customers include Toyota, Volkswagen Group, Fiat Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Harman will continue to operate as a separate unit under the Samsung umbrella. Revenue contribution for 2017 was KWon
  • before being overtaken in turn by Volkswagen Group in 2016. The company retains a firm grip on its home country with controlling stakes in fellow carmaker Daihatsu and leading truck manufacturer Hino,
  • It was the local #2 brand behind Volkswagen, narrowly ahead of local brands Changan and Geely. Honda's sales in Europe are very low by comparison with North America and Japan or even the rest of the Asia

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