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  • having overtaken Volkswagen as the country's biggest automaker in 2010. Gains in China have offset shrinking sales elsewhere. In 2018, however, sales slipped back slightly as a result of the slowing economy.
  • it was overtaken in unit sales by Volkswagen Group in 2008, and then by Hyundai Kia Automotive Group in 2010, and also by the combined Renault-Nissan Alliance. That left it as the #6 worldwide. An important
  • delivering some standout creative work for clients such as Volkswagen and (until its departure in 2013) Sony Playstation. In 2009, Deutsch gained an international footprint for the first time, absorbing
  • Another important account, Volkswagen, moved on in 2009 after only four years. Although the agency appears to have refined its account management skills since then, with the result that clients are in
  • most notably Volkswagen and McDonald's. DDB is a regular fixture among the world's most creative agencies at international competitions, usually featuring among the top three networks. The Gunn Report
  • dented somewhat in 2005 by the loss of its flagship Volkswagen account. It re-established itself in the automobile sector in 2007 with the Volvo account, but this too later departed. Performance has remained
  • D'Ieteren is also the exclusive distributor of all Volkswagen Group and Porsche cars in Belgium, and controls the world's leading vehicle glass company, Belron, which operates under various brands including
  • the backing of DDB in early 1994 after winning the Volkswagen account. DDB pulled out when the agency, then named Berlin Cameron Doyle, lost the account in 1995. Instead Berlin recruited highly regarded
  • a third of its billings wiped out when key client Volkswagen consolidated its global account into Mediacom. At the same time Aegis bought out Buhlmann's remaining stake in business, and shifted him across
  • That steady growth was capped by the win of Volkswagen Group's global media in 2016. In the UK, the agency also manages a small collection of satellite units including full service media shop Rocket and

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