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  • 2 spot in the region behind Volkswagen. The question is whether PSA, itself only now just around the corner after years of difficulties of its own, can make the deal work. It has promised to preserve
  • and over three times the next biggest brand, Volkswagen. Lancia was the group's next biggest brand in Italy at just over 60K, followed by Jeep (49k) and Alfa Romeo (45k). Sitting some considerable way
  • including Volkswagen in the UK and Germany. Models like the Bluebird and 510 sedan were successful in both the US and Europe, but it was the fuel crisis of the 1970s which really made Nissan's day. As
  • previously an account director at DDB London on the Volkswagen account; Balon and Wright were management consultants, at McKinsey and Bain & Co respectively). Start-up capital was provided by American
  • a potential conflict with existing Deutsch client Volkswagen, prompting the replacement of Deutsch as Lowe's US office by Campbell Ewald, which rebranded for a while as Lowe Campbell Ewald. The subsequent
  • DDB was already the lead agency for the much bigger Volkswagen account. That impending conflict was neatly resolved by Rubin and Postaer's buyout of the LA office, keeping Honda as its cornerstone client.
  • a third of its billings wiped out when key client Volkswagen consolidated its global account into Mediacom. At the same time Aegis bought out Buhlmann's remaining stake in business, and shifted him across
  • Baker represents the Qatari state on the board of Volkswagen in which it has a holding of 17%. There are similar investments in numerous other Western companies, making a proposed 10% holding in American
  • having overtaken Volkswagen as the country's biggest automaker in 2010. Gains in China have offset shrinking sales elsewhere. In 2018, however, sales slipped back slightly as a result of the slowing economy.
  • The company supplies its technology to GM, Volkswagen and Honda among others. Early in 2013, the group revealed plans to launch its own internet-based TV streaming service, to be delivered via a new

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