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  • 24th Nov 2021: Volkswagen Group has promoted Jason Lusty to a central role overseeing group marketing, brand & marketing strategy. He was previously CMO for its Seat brand division. One of Lusty's key
  • a move inspired by the capture of Volkswagen's US advertising account three years earlier. (The relationship with VW has continued more or less continuously ever since). Over the following decades, DDB
  • 15th Jun 2022: Volkswagen global CMO Jochen Sengpiehl is reported by German trade outlet HorizonT to be transferring to China to focus on the group's marketing in what is now its single biggest market.
  • delivering some standout creative work for clients such as Volkswagen and (until its departure in 2013) Sony Playstation. In 2009, Deutsch gained an international footprint for the first time, absorbing
  • competition from traditional rival Vauxhall and fast-growing Volkswagen. Ford no longer makes passenger cars in the UK, with almost all models imported instead from Europe. However its long-time home
  • Volkswagen China creative n/s Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy DDB Arby's US creative 120m Fallon CP&B Papa John's Pizza US creative 120m Grey Zimmerman Adv Telecom Italia
  • Audi (owned by Volkswagen Group) and Daimler's Mercedes-Benz. It retained its position as the #1 premium automobile in 2014 ahead of Audi, now close behind at 1.74m; but the latter has already seized
  • Two more members of DDB's global Volkswagen team have stepped down, following on from the departure of global ECD Jeremy Craigen a fortnight ago. Now Jason Lusty, global business director for the VW account,
  • The Heist". Of all Volkswagen Group's brands, Porsche is the one least noted for top notch advertising. There are just one or two exceptions - notably the Ali vs Ali spot from five years ago - but otherwise
  • sitting behind Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Repeated attempts to turn performance around have so far failed to deliver lasting results. The global economic crisis of 2008 came close to forcing

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