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  • more aggressive competitors including domestic rival Vodafone. The purchase of minority stakes in foreign competitors left BT with a huge debt mountain by early 2001, and the group was forced to sell
  • Sprint, Verizon and Vodafone. In 2013, Nokia agreed to buy out Siemens for €1.7bn to take full control of the business. Two years later it sealed a deal to acquire another major competitor, France's
  • and red of its two main regional rivals Orange and Vodafone). The group now presents its best connectivity deals under the banner of MagentaOne (or MagentaEins in German-speaking markets), offering converged
  • The group will continue to supply engines to Vodafone McLaren, but plans to sell its shareholding. The group also sponsors the home of German football champions Stuttgart, which changed its name to the
  • connection provided by traditional carriers such as AT&T or Vodafone as well as users' own corporate networks. BlackBerry Messenger (or BBM) was its at one time widely popular instant messaging (or chat)
  • including Vodafone, Coca-Cola and Diageo. In 2015, Ikon converted to a full service agency, absorbing STW's equally troubled creative unit Moon Communications. A newer media and strategic planning strand
  • Team Vodafone and Team Shell (mainly media). In 2012 alone three new entities were created; in the US for newly won MillerCoors (under the name Cavalry) and for Bank of America, and one in the UK for
  • including Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and TIM See Media Sector for other companies Historical profile information for Sky Recent stories from Adbrands Update: Adbrands Daily Update 28th Nov 2019:
  • behind Vodafone's takeover of Mannesman in 1999. Also, the accompanying tax inversion will result in one of America's biggest companies transferring its nationality to the Republic of Ireland where Allergan
  • offsetting the loss of Vodafone earlier this month. Adbrands Weekly Update 24th May 2018: Two significant blows to WPP's Mindshare media network this week. HSBC confirmed PHD as its new global media

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