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  • now head of Verizon's Oath digital media division, which includes both AOL and Yahoo. Armstrong's inclusion on the list was widely recovered across the media, prompting him to respond. In a subsequent
  • attempt to build a stronger competitor to AT&T and Verizon, and rumours began to emerge of renewed discussions early last month. In the past, though, those negotiations have usually fizzled out as a result
  • Microsoft and Verizon's Oath each accounted for just under 12% in 2017 and Amazon for a little over 5%. That left a measly 8% of spend to be shared out among everyone else. And the situation is not expected
  • that currently prevent companies such as AT&T and Verizon from throttling broadband access to selected services and charging extra fees for high quality streaming. There was good news and bad news from
  • go it alone in the shadow of twin giants AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile is better positioned to thrive than its beleaguered competitor, which continues to lose postpaid subscribers and bleed red ink on its
  • US telecoms giant Verizon has revealed that the massive data hack at Yahoo, whose acquisition it completed earlier this year, affected even more of the web pioneer's customers than previously thought.
  • with the launch of its MVNO mobile service through Verizon. Undeterred, Sprint said it was still considering making a formal offer to shareholders of either Charter or T-Mobile. Don't worry about us,
  • considerable buzz over the holiday weekend with a report that Verizon might be considering a bid to acquire The Walt Disney Company. There were plenty of provisos attached to the story, but such a move
  • companies could swap existing MVNO arrangements with Verizon for more favourable terms from Sprint, possibly in exchange for an equity involvement, or even a joint takeover of the business. According
  • Verizon completed the acquisition of the Yahoo business. The struggling internet pioneer merges with Verizon's existing AOL division to form new umbrella company Oath. In addition to AOL and Yahoo, its

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