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  • Friends, primarily handling selected Unilever accounts under license. The Lowe network had originally a much larger direct presence in Germany, but scaled this down dramatically in early 2007, following
  • and the Valentino license, acquired from Unilever in 2003 (but later surrendered to Puig). Yet although several of these acquisitions brought with them a European management team experienced in fine
  • in the local operations of international companies Unilever and Total, as well as spirits company Distell. Combined revenues were around €2bn in 2016. Background In the late 1840s, Louis-Francois
  • Nestlé's main global competitors are Unilever, Kraft Heinz, Danone and Mars. See Food Sector, Non-Alcoholic Beverages Sector and Petcare Sector indexes for other companies Brands & Activities Nestlé
  • Both face strong competition from Hindustan Unilever, which markets Bru instant coffee, used for both hot and cold coffee. Nestle is the larger company by overall share, with around 52% from its two brands
  • jointly marketed by Unilever and PepsiCo, the latter's SoBe brand, DPSG's Snapple and independent AriZona. See Non-Alcoholic Beverages Sector index for other companies Contact Beverage Partners Worldwide
  • 2 in the laundry detergent sector behind Unilever, and #2 or #3 in sanitary protection and disposable diapers behind Kimberly-Clark. Its strongest suit is in haircare products, with its lead greatly enhanced
  • Unilever Australia & New Zealand : company profile Profile subscribers click here for full profile Unilever Australasia is a clear leader in household and personal care in Australia and New Zealand,
  • Peters is engaged in fierce rivalry with Unilever's local subsidiary Streets. During 2006, Streets was able to seize Peters' position as the local #1. Until recently, the Peters ice cream business in
  • 12 Unilever is the global leader in tea-based beverages, both hot and cold. The jewel in its portfolio is Lipton, the world's top-selling tea brand. It also owns a huge collection of local brands including

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