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  • followed by GlaxoSmithKline (12.7%) and Unilever (8.1%). In some countries, its share is even higher. In the UK, for example, Colgate held over 46% value share by mid-2017, according to Nielsen, more
  • given the stranglehold on the market of P&G and rival Unilever. Independent agency Kaplan Thaler, responsible for the campaign, was catapulted into the big time (and was subsequently acquired in 1999
  • oral care brands in North America previously owned by Unilever and Procter & Gamble. Advertising Who handles advertising? Click here for Agency Account Assignments. The group declared marketing expenses
  • which also resulted in the bolt-on of several Unilever accounts. But it was all change once again in 2015 with the loss of Cadillac, and CE's ejection from the Lowe network (which was aligned instead
  • Batchelors and other leading culinary brands from Unilever. That deal was largely unpicked five years later when the UK portfolio was sold on to Premier Foods, leaving Campbell's with no local presence
  • She was eventually replaced in 2010 by former Unilever marketer Silvia Lagnado. She too left Bacardi at the end of 2012 and was succeeded in early 2013 by Andy Gibson. Last full revision 3rd May 2016
  • previously president of Unilever's Europe division. Last full revision 30th April 2017 * Archive page for historical reference only. This page is no longer being actively updated * All rights reserved
  • Unilever (UK) Profile subscribers click here for full profile The UK is a major operational centre for the giant Anglo-Dutch FMCG company Unilever, home to the larger of the group's two corporate centres,
  • Unilever Foods Profile subscribers click here for full profile The foods division of Unilever has gone through many names, most recently Unilever Bestfoods, which was the badge given to most regional
  • Unilever Ice Cream Profile subscribers click here for full profile Unilever and Nestle were fierce rivals for the #1 spot in the global ice cream market for many years, passing that crown back and

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