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  • then defending a review of Unilever's $500m US TV buying account. In July 2000, the agency also absorbed US TV agency PIC TV, the industry's largest source of promotional TV advertising spots. As part
  • Gamble or Unilever in overall size. Dial's performance flagged significantly during the 1990s before making a recovery in the mid-2000s, but even after acquisition by Henkel, the company has maintained
  • Unilever. Later Havas confirmed that it too had entered a bid, despite opposition from several of its own shareholders. Buyout firm Hellman & Friedman, previously a backer to both Y&R and Digitas, was
  • behind Unilever's Breyer's and Ben & Jerry's. Its combined US retail sales of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet totalled $468m, or 8.1% share by value. The combined total for Ben & Jerry's and high-
  • The acquisition of DSC by Unilever created new challenges, forcing P&G to announce a renewed push into lower-priced products as well as price cuts on its high-end razors. A move by Schick into Shave Club
  • behind Unilever at 22.8% and Nestle at 10.8%). General Mills' own revenues from Haagen-Dazs in ye 2018 were $804m. Other important international brands include pastry products Jus-Rol in the UK, La Saltena
  • Dove has grown from a US-only soap bar into one of Unilever's biggest global brands. It is now the world's #1 personal cleansing product, and the #3 business in the Anglo-Dutch company's portfolio behind
  • Nestle and Unilever. See Food Sector index for other competitive companies. Brands & Activities In the first half of the 2000s, ConAgra embarked on a mammoth restructuring designed to reduce its dependence
  • acquired from Unilever in 2005. Other key brands include major licenses on behalf of Adidas and Davidoff as well as celebrities as diverse as Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, while
  • followed by GlaxoSmithKline (12.8%) and Unilever (8.1%). In some countries, its share is even higher, as high as 72% in Brazil and over 80% in Mexico. It is also the global market share leader in manual

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