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  • including Eli Lilly, Faberge and Unilever. Fragrance manufacturer FFI bought the business in 2003 and changed its name to Elizabeth Arden Inc. That company had been attempting for several years to rejuvenate
  • followed by other Mars brands, and then Unilever products including Pond's. Nitro opened an office in Australia in 2003, picking up business from telecoms giant Telstra, among others. In 2004, Mars backed
  • later Unilever). The next milestone in Procter & Gamble's development was the creation of its first perfumed beauty soap, designed to compete with established brands Lux (from Lever Brothers) and Cashmere
  • while a string of purchases by Unilever had pushed P&G back into 3rd place again by 2013. Fixing those problems became the single most most important goal for reinstated group CEO AG Lafley. However,
  • and partnerships with Unilever's Lipton and Starbucks have helped to counter its rival's strength in restaurant "fountain sales". However, PepsiCo has struggled in recent years to maintain growth, especially
  • Unilever, on the basis that any enemy of Procter & Gamble was a friend of Kimberly-Clark. Unilever's Indian subsidiary, that country's biggest manufacturer, became the distribution partner for the launch
  • in the US, overtaking stablemate Pert Plus and Unilever's Suave to become the #1 shampoo. By year-end global sales had grown to $550m in almost 40 countries. It became the world's best-selling haircare
  • IBM, Unilever and Nestle. A separate global network offering sales promotion and activation was known until 2013 as Ogilvy Action. That year the business was merged with sister network G2 to create what
  • aggressive competitor since the mid-1990s has been Unilever's Dove. Until 1995, Dove was the US's leading soap brand, and Olay the best-selling moisturizer; but since then both products have launched
  • Nestlé lost its lead in 2015 to arch-rival Unilever. Nestle's main subsidiary is Dreyer's (pronounced "dryers"), with six factories spread across the country. Nestlé acquired a 67% stake in Dreyer's

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