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  • It was one deal out and one deal in this week for Unilever. The more significant of the two by far was a long-awaited agreement to exit the margarine business. Private equity fund KKR is to acquire Unilever
  • hitherto spotless copybook with a botched attempt to add Unilever to their portfolio. Jorge Paulo Lemann and his partners have in less than ten years seized control of a string of iconic North American
  • Unilever. No, Henkel. No, both of them, actually. The answer depends on where you live. The biggest household marketers in the UK and Germany actually split ownership of the trademark between them. Unilever
  • Wary of the long-established powerbase held by Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive in India, P&G took its time establishing a local presence there. In 2008 Bob McDonald, then group COO, gave an interview to
  • acquired from Unilever in 2005. Other key brands include major licenses on behalf of Adidas and Davidoff as well as celebrities as diverse as Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, while
  • The bulk of the business was originally owned by Unilever, but sold to private equity fund Permira in 2006. Under the new name Iglo Group, it was put up for sale again in 2012 but no buyer was found.
  • Axe is the name for Unilever's hugely successful male toiletries brand, now marketed in more than 60 countries worldwide. It has established itself as one of the company's most high-profile brands, initially
  • Unilever's single biggest brand is Knorr, the soups and seasonings business it acquired as part of Bestfoods in 2000. Despite its extensive portfolio of products, Unilever had comparatively few with a
  • Owned for several years by Unilever, the oil business was sold in 2008 to what is now Deoleo of Spain. Four years later, Unilever transferred ownership of its range of Bertolli-branded frozen meals marketed
  • competition with traditional leaders such as P&G and Unilever. However its biggest growth area in recent years has been healthcare. In 2005, the group bolstered its small portfolio of over-the-counter

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