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  • See What Happens". Unilever's new CEO Alan Jope recently stressed the need for all the group's brands to stand for something, so we can expect to see a further widening of the sort of message-based marketing
  • The group's two biggest clients are Unilever and Ford, for whom it handles the largest proportion of global billings. Its strongest territories include the US and China, where it is the leading media
  • 2 brand behind Unilever's Wall's. The two companies have been at war for years over Unilever's attempts to shut Mars out of many retail outlets by supplying retailers with Wall's-branded freezer cabinets
  • aggressive competitor since the mid-1990s has been Unilever's Dove. Until 1995, Dove was the US's leading soap brand, and Olay the best-selling moisturizer; but since then both products have launched
  • followed by GlaxoSmithKline (12.8%) and Unilever (8.1%). In some countries, its share is even higher, as high as 72% in Brazil and over 80% in Mexico. It is also the global market share leader in manual
  • Nestlé lost its lead in 2015 to arch-rival Unilever. Nestle's main subsidiary is Dreyer's (pronounced "dryers"), with six factories spread across the country. Nestlé acquired a 67% stake in Dreyer's
  • was added to PepsiCo's global tea partnership with Unilever. In 2005, Starbucks agreed a similar partnership with Suntory to market a line of pre-packaged chilled coffees through convenience stores in
  • might not be as familiar to many consumers as perhaps Unilever's Knorr, this is actually a mammoth global brand, especially in developing markets. Combined sales are around $2.8bn a year. Kantar's annual
  • and smart partnerships with Unilever's Lipton and Starbucks have helped to counter its rival's strength in restaurant "fountain sales". However, PepsiCo has struggled in recent years to maintain growth
  • As rumoured last week, Unilever has indeed concluded its global media review, reappointing the incumbents without any significant changes. Main account holder Mindshare retains all its current markets,

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