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  • Advertisers Unilever announced plans to split out its struggling margarine and olive oil spreads business as a distinct unit, separate from the main foods division. Though brands such as Flora, Becel
  • hitherto spotless copybook with a botched attempt to add Unilever to their portfolio. Jorge Paulo Lemann and his partners have in less than ten years seized control of a string of iconic North American
  • It was one deal out and one deal in this week for Unilever. The more significant of the two by far was a long-awaited agreement to exit the margarine business. Private equity fund KKR is to acquire Unilever
  • Unilever announced several cost-cutting measures, including plans to discontinue up to 40% of its individual product lines by the end of next year. Although the group has consolidated its global portfolio
  • Current rivals including Unilever, SC Johnson or even P&G, are likely to be among the potential buyers. Quarterly results from Nestle and Unilever showed the importance of emerging markets in driving
  • Unilever abandoned a plan to transfer its main corporate base to the Netherlands following opposition from several of its biggest institutional shareholders. The Anglo-Dutch group has been attempting
  • Unilever announced a corporate restructuring that could presage a dramatic change of strategy. As had been widely expected, it will abandon its long-established dual structure, under which it operates
  • Unilever took the first steps towards the sell-off of its margarine and spreads division, while also resolving the shared ownership of its South African subsidiary. Unilever South Africa is currently
  • UPDATED] Unilever reported 3Q results demonstrating a slight decline in global sales volumes, but underlying sales growth of 3%, generated entirely by higher prices. Turnover of €13.4bn was down 2%
  • Unilever: Dove "Selfie" by Ogilvy & Mather / Cynthia Wade Update only subscribers: click here to view Ads of the Week Please note: If you are attempting to view these ads shortly after receiving

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