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  • its customers include GM as well as Ford, Toyota as well as Nissan and Mitsubishi, and Renault as well as PSA. Revenues rose by 13% in 2008 to €2.9bn, of which around half was generated by cars and
  • but it seized the top spot globally in 2016 ahead of Toyota and GM, two years ahead of target despite the shadow of the diesel emissions scandal which emerged a year earlier. The group was found to have
  • 2 top-selling model by registrations (behind Toyota Corolla), although sales slipped back from 2015's record 1.06m registrations to 995k units. The majority of sales, though, are in Europe, where it is
  • 9 brand in 2016, and the #2 car after Toyota, with an estimated brand value of $43.5bn, marginally ahead of BMW. Millward Brown's Brandz survey ranked Mercedes-Benz at #39 (behind both Toyota and BMW)
  • narrowly behind Mercedes-Benz and a little further behind Toyota. Millward Brown's Brandz survey 2016 ranked BMW as the world's #33 brand, with an estimated value of $26.8bn, the #2 car brand ahead of
  • the country's leading car manufacturer in 2003 to Toyota. Despite two years of record sales across the industry as a whole in 2015 and 2016, it has continued to lose share, slipping to 4th place in the
  • Toyota Group 8.90m vehicles BMW Group 2.35m vehicles Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi 7.95m vehicles Geely 2.25m (inc Volvo) Hyundai Kia 6.52m vehicles Mazda 1.27m vehicles General Motors 6.26 vehicles*
  • hands on the UK business of their domestic client Toyota (an account won by CDP after Fiat shifted its business in the mid-1980s). But only a few months after the Japanese company paid around £60m for
  • mainly by BMZ's existing relationship with key client Toyota. There was little evidence of any closer collaboration and BMZ eventually drifted into an alignment with the Publicis Worldwide network. All
  • from the group's other brands in a style similar to Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infiniti and Honda/Acura. Most of the other main components of the old Daewoo group now operate as independent entities, in most

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