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  • 2 top-selling model by registrations (behind Toyota Corolla), although sales slipped back from 2015's record 1.06m registrations to 995k units. The majority of sales, though, are in Europe, where it is
  • its customers include GM as well as Ford, Toyota as well as Nissan and Mitsubishi, and Renault as well as PSA. Revenues rose by 13% in 2008 to €2.9bn, of which around half was generated by cars and
  • 4 manufacturer behind GM, Ford and Toyota. However, the bulk of those sales were generated by Chrysler's existing local portfolio (see separate profile). The Fiat brand itself accounted for only 26,460
  • Emulating the success of Japanese rival Toyota, Korea's Hyundai secured a position as one of the world's top five manufacturers in 2009 and overtook Ford to become the global #4 in 2010. It is the most
  • and a promise from Toyota to boost US investment by as much as $10bn, other carmakers have scrambled to follow suit. This week, GM announced an additional investment of $1bn in the US, including the transfer
  • in equivalent sales, of its closest competitor Toyota, while net profit more than doubled to €11.6bn, the best result since 2012. Deliveries to customers hit a new high of 10.7m vehicles. Royal Bank
  • a commercial arrangement similar to that by which Toyota provides hybrid engines to General Motors or Canon sells OEM laser-printers to HP. However, large advertisers and government regulators disagreed,
  • Toyota's Lexus, Honda's Acura and Nissan's Infiniti - let alone the original luxury triumvirate of Mercedes, BMW and Audi. ConAgra finally found a buyer for its struggling private labels division, acquired
  • The addition of Toyota and Lexus across Europe has significantly increased the agency's total revenues. Other key clients include Argos, British Gas and TalkTalk. Since the deal with WPP, several new
  • Customers include Toyota, Volkswagen Group, Fiat Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Harman will continue to operate as a separate unit under the Samsung umbrella. Revenue contribution for 2017 was KWon

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