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  • The investor group led by Warner Music owners Len Blavatnik and Edgar Bronfman has dropped out of negotiations to acquire struggling magazine publisher Time Inc as a result of what it called a "valuation
  • Fox, CBS and NBC. Other channelowners such as Time Warner and Viacom have yet to commit. The starting price is $35 per month, around half most cable packages, with no contract or fixed term commitment.
  • reported its first annual results since it swallowed Time Warner Cable and Bright House to become the second largest cable operator in the US. Despite the inevitable complications of getting to grips
  • Time Warner posted solid results for 2016, which could be its last year as a standalone business if the proposed sale to AT&T goes through. Strong box office for its DC Comics movie franchise and Fantastic
  • along similar lines to AT&T's proposed deal for Time Warner, and said the company aims to double revenues from its services business by 2020 to $50bn. Procter & Gamble warned its agency partners that
  • It's a clever move on Warner Bros' part to make the "real" Batman a humour-free legendary hero, while also allowing for some playful self-deprecation with his toy-sized mini-me. Remember that you can
  • The Force Awakens, released at the end of 2015. Warner Bros came in second for 2016, but more than $1bn behind at with $1.9bn. Fox, Universal, Sony and Paramount made up the next four places. Fox News'
  • less than The Force Awakens this time last year, but significantly better than had been expected. Like Universal and Disney in 2015, Disney and Warner have between them dominated the current year. Disney
  • it would reunite two stablemates of the original Time Warner group. Apparently, Bronfman offered $1.8bn for Time Inc, around 30% above its undisturbed valuation. Many observers feel that's a deal worth
  • wave of further deals in the wake of AT&T's move for Time Warner. "We need more balance in the marketplace to counter the growing force of Facebook and Google,” he said. “The AT&T and Time Warner

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