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  • At the same time, the stores in China, which had already been closed, reopened in response to the slowing spread of infection in that country). Apple's announcement prompted many other retailers to follow
  • the recent court approval of AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner, despite warnings from that judge that such a move was unlikely to be successful, and the fact that the merger has already completed. "We
  • Time Warner agreed to line up with Disney, Fox and Comcast as joint owner of US streaming media service Hulu. It has acquired a 10% stake in the business for $583m, and will offer its TNT, TBS, CNN and
  • formerly Time Warner). The Turner and HBO cable businesses and Warner Bros Entertainment will all transfer. The main losers are independent Horizon Media and Dentsu Aegis-owned Merkle. At the same time
  • Richard Leon's decision to approve the takeover of Time Warner by AT&T, despite the fact that the merger has already completed. The government claims Judge Leon "ignored fundamental principles of economics
  • Macfarlane will step down from the group at the same time, to be succeeded by current North Europe chief Jason Warner. In other marketer moves, top US insurer Allstate appointed Kohler executive Elizabeth
  • quickly to complete its long-delayed acquisition of Time Warner, just one day after the merger was approved by court. Soon afterwards, the company confirmed WarnerMedia as the new name for what is now
  • 80bn takeover of Time Warner, rejecting the US government's contention that the deal would harm competition and raise prices for consumers. That argument was "gossamer thin", said presiding judge Richard
  • Much depends on the legal verdict over the AT&T/Time Warner deal, expected on June 12th. If that merger goes through, it will serve as a green light for Comcast to proceed, and would also no doubt trigger
  • the merger of what were previously Charter and Time Warner Cable. We've featured these ads before, in which a group of Hollywood-style monsters discuss all the various ways in which DirecTV or Comcast

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