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  • Science and Marina Maher Communications to support Tide and other detergent brands. Havas said it will merge its Paris-based standalone agency Humanseven into the main outpost of Havas creative by the
  • Saatchi's Super Bowl 'It's A Tide Ad' - as well as Lucky Generals' 'Alexa Lost Her Voice' for Amazon and Apple and TBWA's 'Earth'. Simon Tesler Publisher, Adbrands All rights reserved © Mind Advertising
  • It's A Tide Ad' from the Super Bowl won a separate Grand Prix in Film for each of its four separate mid-game installments. Of course the official winners were P&G and prodco Rattling Stick, who jointly
  • Top prize in Film Craft went not to "It's a Tide Ad" or Audi's "Clowns" or to any one of several Apple campaigns, as had been expected (though they all won metal awards), but to "Hope", an emotionally
  • Red Copper cookware and Tide Simply plus Oxi all topped $50m. In the news this past week: Agencies How are the mighty fallen! The global ad community was left reeling by the sudden resignation of
  • was tested successfully with P&G's widely acclaimed Tide campaign for this year's Super Bowl, overseen by a similar cross-industry team. It will now take charge of creative, digital, media and PR for
  • do the Tide Pods challenge" (in other words, eat a Tide detergent capsule). "After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul's YouTube channels," said YouTube. "This
  • Tide "Every Ad is a Tide Ad" by Saatchi & Saatchi NY >New Balance "Fearlessly Independent" by VML >Toyota "As I Really Am" by The&Partnership >McDonald's "First Time" by Leo Burnett London Super
  • to win over American consumers with its innovative Tide Pods laundry capsules, local sales of which now top $1bn. However, the product has become far too popular with some customers, and the group is
  • 145m), Tide Pods with Febreze ($87m) and Crest Pro-Health Advanced ($80m). L'Oreal's Garnier SkinActive moisturiser nudged in at #3 with $118m. The full report is here. In the news this past week: Agencies

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