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  • Kellogg's went to war with leading UK chain Tesco over the lookalike packaging of the retailer's own-label cereals. (Tesco finally backed down). More significantly Kellogg's even broke with its long-standing
  • best-known as the power behind UK grocer Tesco's rewards programme. As a result, Kroger now has its own rewards programme under the Kroger Plus Card. In April 2015, Kroger bought out Tesco's stake in
  • offset by only a few notable gains. The loss of Tesco in the UK was a significant blow in 2015, and was followed by the departure of Hyundai and Kia in the US from Jan 2016. MillerCoors was a major loss
  • China's largest electronics retailer Gome, Tesco and Dixons Group in the UK, and Carrefour in France. By early 2009, the group was selling its products through as many as 24,000 outlets around the globe.
  • biggest gain to-date came with the capture of the Tesco account in summer 2012, but the rigours of that business proved too much. The client moved account again in early 2015, but a little over a year
  • began testing sales of its products through outlets of Tesco in Eastern Europe. Also that year, it began selling products through more than 270 outlets of French supermarket Monoprix. However that experiment
  • Tesco (UK) Profile subscribers click here for full profile Tesco is the UK's leading supermarket chain and narrowly overtook Carrefour in 2013 to become the world's #2 retailer, though performance
  • the creative head who managed the Tesco account for many years at Lowe and later Red Brick Road - joined in 2013 to work on the account of newly won Lidl. Graeme Douglas was recruited from Wieden & Kennedy
  • revolutionised the supermarket sector by partnering with Tesco to offer Tesco Personal Finance products to supermarket customers. The enormous success of the offer caused the bank's retail customer base
  • toppled from the top spot by aggressive innovator Tesco. A succession of new managers attempted to restore Sainsbury's to health, but the store struggled to match the growth shown by more forward-thinking

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