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  • Nestle (4%), McCain (3%) and Young's of the UK (1%). Originally it was private equity investor Permira that inherited Unilever's position as the leading frozen foods marketer in Europe in 2006, as a
  • Previous Next Unilever and Nestlé were for many years fierce rivals for the #1 spot in global ice cream, passing that crown back and forth several times during the 1990s and early 2000s. However,
  • umbrella for an extensive range of Italian foods owned by Nestlé since 1988. Best-known for its dry pasta, the range also extends in some countries to fresh pasta as well as sauces, cheese, frozen meals
  • Adbrands Daily Update 12th Dec 2019: Nestlé effectively called it quits on global ice cream, transferring its biggest remaining operating subsidiary in that segment, in the US, to joint venture partner
  • Nestle's performance dipped to a new multi-year low in 2017. For years, the Swiss food giant had prided itself on organic growth between 5% and 6% per year, until it was forced to downgrade that target
  • which places it in direct competition with Swiss giant Nestlé. It is already the world #1 in fresh dairy foods, with a strong collection of healthy and innovative yogurt-based products. Key brands include
  • Nestle's US bottled water Poland Spring is the target of a class action lawsuit brought by residents of Maine - where the brand originates - and neighbouring states where it is distributed. According
  • Harry's "A Man Like You" by GSD&M >Nestlé Hépar "At The Gynecologist" by Marcel Paris The & Partnership gets down *wiv da kidz* (sort of) in this insane spot for Sun Bingo, the gambling game from
  • completed a series of large deals with fellow Swiss group Nestlé, selling its Gerber baby food and medical nutrition businesses, while also agreeing to acquire the food giant's ophthalmology division
  • Nestle agreed to pool most of its global ice cream operations in a new joint venture with R&R, the company which already licenses the food giant's frozen treats in several markets including the UK, Australia

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