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  • created prompted British Airways to move with them to M&C Saatchi in 1985. Maurice Saatchi later acknowledged that the BA business represented a relatively small amount of the agency's revenues but more
  • A change of agency in 2014 from longtime incumbent M&C Saatchi to Saatchi & Saatchi led to another new approach. The new campaign resurrected the character of "fixer" Winston Wolf, played by Harvey Keitel,
  • transferred its advertising account from longtime incumbent M&C Saatchi to AMV BBDO. Click here for a listing of Dixons Agency Account Assignments from Competitors DSG's principal bricks
  • but clearly the driving creative force here is Mr M himself. John, if the fashion business doesn't work out, you should really set up a advertising consultancy. For the record, there is a story going
  • Spencer in 2004, which now operates as M&S Money. However, in 2011, HSBC began pruning its card operations to eliminate unprofitable businesses. The most significant of these was in the US, where the
  • with exclusive negotiations to sell its 150 remaining M Local outlets to investment company Greybull Capital. It has already closed more than 20 weaker performing outlets this year. Asda and Morrisons
  • Russell Hopson resigned in Spring that year to join M&C Saatchi in Australia. Ben Priest announced plans to depart the group by June 2018. Background Adam & Eve was launched at the very beginning of
  • until he too departed in 2017 to lead M&C Saatchi London. He was succeeded by Vicki Holgate. Owen Lee was promoted to co-chief creative officer alongside Young in 2015, with Elspeth Lynn joining as group
  • The main incumbents are M&C Saatchi and indie Joe Public. Click here for a summary of other account changes this quarter or here for the full searchable database of account assignments.  In the news
  • and is being led by former Y&R C&E Europe chief Petr Havlicek. It is part of a growing move by leading agencies to bring back in house production, post-production and procurement duties previously farmed

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