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  • last seen in a Samsung VR ad by Leo Burnett a couple of years ago has been signed up by Engine to become the brand mascot for the Eurostar rail service between the UK and Europe. It's a clever concept,
  • several delivered this week by the local outpost of Leo Burnett for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. It's an extraordinarily protracted way of delivering a comparatively simple message - be wary
  • running dispute with local authority Transport for London. The company will be allowed to continue service during an appeal, but TfL's decision puts considerable further pressure on Uber to resolve multiple
  • great new set of ads from Coors Light's new US agency Leo Burnett. The agency has conjured up a series of these little private delights, all well observed and just a little bit naughty. The bra thing
  • thanks to longtime agency Leo Burnett London, but the fast feeder's main French agency TBWA Paris is just as good at spotting and repurposing those little human moments that we can all identify with whatever
  • Interview". Here's another great ad from Leo Burnett London for McDonald's; and another example of a uniquely productive relationship between agency and client. A wise man once told me: always be nice
  • The partnership between McDonald's and Leo Burnett London gets my vote as the local industry's single most productive advertising relationship. There are are some other contenders (VW/A&E DDB and perhaps
  • partnership between McDonald's in the UK and its agency Leo Burnett London, but they deserve special notice for trying something different for the holidays. To its credit, McD UK has been marketing its
  • Leo Burnett Middle East is behind this charming moral tale which supports the bank's Exchanger volunteer programme in UAE. Don't keep your hands stuck in your own pockets - reach out and offer some help
  • so Publicis London's chief executive Nick Fairhill will now report to Publicis Groupe UK country manager Annette King. Another departing executive is Rosie Arnold, the former BBH creative leader, currently

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