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  • Freeview UK creative n/s Anomaly Leo Burnett Groupon US creative n/s OKRP SmarTone Hong Kong creative n/s TBWA Ogilvy Direct Assurance France digital, PR n/s DAN, TBWA
  • Wellness was collected by Leo Burnett Mexico, with a campaign sponsored by P&G's Always to promote feminine health and education in rural communities. (That also marked the first of three Grand Prix
  • Saatchi London is the network's original heartland, but performance has been uneven in recent years. There are also important Saatchi offices in Paris and Milan. The group opened its first agency in
  • running dispute with local authority Transport for London. The company will be allowed to continue service during an appeal, but TfL's decision puts considerable further pressure on Uber to resolve multiple
  • As Leo Burnett knows all too well, one sure-fire way to sell a brand to tech-savvy millennials is to put a few babies in it. And a dinosaur of course. In a big nod towards Brexit worries, Adam&Eve DDB'
  • the group's existing Health For Brands outpost in London under the new name of Havas SO. Leo Burnett regained a position on the US McDonald's creative roster with the capture of the fast-feeder's $100m
  • Steps were taken to strengthen the London office in 2001, not least with John Hegarty's return to the UK. BBH took its first steps into Brazil in 2002, acquiring a significant minority stake in local
  • Loteria de Navidad "Danielle" by Leo Burnett Iberia You know that feeling you get at the end of Christmas (or Thanksgiving) lunch when you're so stuffed you just couldn't manage another mouthful of
  • most attention today is this charming fantasy from Leo Burnett for the Gear VR system. Seems that even an ostrich can fly with the Gear VR. (The S8 has some nice ads too but they're a lot more straightforward.
  • or digital services, but we haven't yet seen Leo Burnett lose a major creative pitch to a the likes of Accenture or PwC. However, admittedly, all it would take for the competition to become explicit would

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