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  • 780m. Main rivals in the sector are ConAgra, Heinz, Bellisio and Pinnacle Foods. At the end of 2009, NestlĂ© agreed to acquire the frozen pizza division of rival Kraft for $3.7bn. It boosted Nestle
  • before itself being acquired in 2015 by Heinz. The Mondelez portfolio is built on three main pillars of biscuits, chocolate and sugar confectionery. It contains Kraft's faster-growing cookie business,
  • The Kraft Heinz Company : company profile Profile subscribers click here for full profile The Kraft Heinz Company was formed in 2015 by the reverse takeover of iconic North American food group Kraft
  • Smucker was #4 behind Keurig, Starbucks and Kraft Heinz with 8% share ($307m in sales). For the year to April 2017, JM Smucker reported net sales from retail coffee of $2.11bn, down 6% on the year before.
  • Heinz, Sony, Gillette and Mobil. Another benchmark was the ad that was later both lauded and vilified for introducing a new tactic of negative campaigning into political advertising. In 1964, Doyle Dane
  • Dole in fruit, and Kraft Heinz, ConAgra's Hunts, Campbell Soup's Prego, Ragu and others, as well as private label manufacturers such as Seneca Foods and Pacific Coast Producers. See Food Sector for other
  • Competitors ConAgra's main competitors are Kraft Heinz, Nestle and Unilever. See Food Sector index for other competitive companies. Brands & Activities In the first half of the 2000s, ConAgra embarked
  • Kraft Heinz has often been seen as a potential acquiror - unlikely unless it has the support of the Dorrance family. Background In 1869, fruit merchant Joseph Campbell and icebox manufacturer Abraham
  • since 2013, what is now food group Kraft Heinz. Following the acquisition of Tim Hortons, 3G's stake reduced to 43%. Because of the sale to franchisees of most of the remaining company owned outlets,
  • Berkshire remains the biggest shareholder in the combined Kraft Heinz Company. However poor performance by that company left a huge dent in Berkshire's results in 2018. See also Advertising Click

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