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  • Campbell Fresh vegetable snacks division and Plum baby foods, as well as costs associated with the acquisition of Snyder's-Lance snacks, caused net earnings to plunge by over 70% to $261m. As a result,
  • Adbrands Daily Update 3rd Dec 2018: Kraft Heinz pushed into less conventional food segments with a deal to acquire Primal Kitchen, a US maker of paleo-based protein-heavy low-carb sauces and salad dressings.
  • Kraft's share price plunged by 20% in over-night trading to its lowest level since the business was spun out of what is now Mondelez. Adbrands Social Media 20th Feb 2019: "Flight". Apple has booked
  • personal care and 1.3% for foods & refreshment. One key factor identified by the company was a truckers' strike in Brazil which severely impacted on performance in parts of Latin America. However this
  • Cheez Whiz and Kraft Singles in Canada. The deal followed weaker than expected 3Q results in which profits plunged by a third despite an increase in revenues. There was little sign of a happy Christmas
  • but also another potential target for Kraft Heinz. The company reported flat performance for the year to May. Net sales were virtually unchanged, up less than 1% to $15.7bn, largely as a result of the
  • beverages. Bolthouse Farms and other fresh foods operations are run separately, and may ultimately be demerged. Indeed, McLoughlin told investors this week that "Everything is on the table," when it comes
  • restaurants which try to keep abreast of every latest food fad. Where better than Copenhagen, a city with more trendy restaurants per square mile than almost any other? It's notionally a promo for Danone'
  • Kraft Heinz is effectively quitting South Africa, with a deal to sell its controlling stake in its local joint venture to partner Pioneer Foods. The latter will now take full control of Heinz Foods South
  • with foods serving as the third. The latter, widely seen as Unilever's weakest, could well be divested, possibly even to Kraft Heinz. That would generate resources to fund an approach to competitors in

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