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  • Interpublic and WPP as one of the world's major marketing services groups. But the business was consistently hindered by its lack of a truly global network. An attempt to create one in 1990 through a
  • with marketing services group Interpublic as a key investor. The business expanded rapidly in 1996 in line with the development of the internet and in 1997, CKS established a German base with the acquisition
  • by mid-2001. This shareholding was inherited by Interpublic in 2001 with its takeover of True North. By now the online environment had become increasingly challenging. As a result of reduced business,
  • Interpublic and WPP, whose public status gave them access to far greater investment capital. One small consolation for MacManus was that it was not alone. Rivals Leo Burnett and Y&R were experiencing
  • he gave up in 1959, and eventually left Interpublic in 1964 following publication of a ground-breaking report which confirmed the damaging effects of smoking on health. Foote declared that he would no
  • had previously been handled by the Chicago office of Interpublic's FCB, but the $350m account was pulled in 2001 after Quaker was acquired by Pepsi. (Arch-rival Coca-Cola had close ties with FCB's sister
  • What remained of Bozell was inherited by Interpublic in 2001, but while billings remained resilient, the agency's operations in America continued to shrink, as one regional office after another was cut
  • headquartered in Minneapolis and sitting loosely within the Interpublic portfolio. Campbell Mithun had a long and storied background, but new business performance had been worryingly patchy in recent
  • stake in his agency in early 2000 to Interpublic's Draft, becoming AG Worldwide. A year later Arnell bought back the shares and then sold on the whole business on to Omnicom. For years, Peter Arnell
  • was the second global advertising network within Interpublic, until being merged with stablemate Lowe & Partners to form Lowe Lintas & Partners. APL had itself been created from the combination in 1994

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