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  • areas to match the offerings of rivals such as HP and IBM. In 2002, it acquired Plural, a software support specialist, and made it the core of a new division offering professional and managed services
  • magazine and would go on to design corporate logos for IBM and others. Rand provided Bernbach with a crash-course in avant garde graphic art and design techniques in the the couple of months before he
  • a consortium led by Citigroup, and supported by IBM and four Chinese partners, was named as the preferred bidder for a combined 86% stake in Guangdong Development Bank (GDB), a comparatively small player
  • has large stakes in US corporate giants including IBM, Apple and Coca-Cola. Berkshire serves as the main financial vehicle of the legendary "Sage of Omaha" Warren Buffett, the world's wealthiest stock
  • It acquired IBM's global IT network for $5bn; trumped rival Comcast to acquire cable company MediaOne for $58bn, in the process overtaking Time Warner as the biggest US cable operator; and also bolstered
  • and Amazon vies fiercely with Google, IBM and other companies for large corporate or institutional customers. In 2013, for example, it beat IBM to a prestigious $600m contract with the CIA. For 2017,
  • or PC. The latter used to be called IBM-compatible, as a result of IBM's near-disastrous decision to allow its technology to be cloned by other manufacturers. That move lost IBM its dominance in personal
  • winning large with clients including IBM and British Telecom. After several months of planning, all of Snyder Communications' various direct marketing businesses were combined under the Brann name in
  • IBM and DAC to offer brand building and CRM services. Hakuhodo has a limited footprint beyond Japan. At one time, it was more advanced than most other Japanese agencies, even Dentsu. However, the larger
  • linking up with IBM to make portable PCs with integrated printers. This line was abandoned in 1997. However, sales of the group's numerous computer peripherals soared as a result of the huge boom in computer

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