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  • ahead of Samsung with 18.8% share. Huawei slipped back to third place on 15.2%. However iPhone 11's end-of-year surge wasn't enough to change the full year ranking. It remained in the #3 spot behind Samsung
  • share but it faces immense competition in 2019 from Huawei, whose volumes soared by 44% in the final quarter, compared to a 6% decline for Samsung and 12% fall for Apple. Two other Chinese challengers,
  • The most serious blow to-date to Huawei from its battle with the US government is Google's announcement that it will block the company from receiving new versions of the full Android operating system,
  • telecoms infrastructure supplied by Chinese company Huawei Technologies, citing cybersecurity risks. These worries pre-date the Trump administration: they were originally voiced in a 2012 congressional
  • Just as shocking, perhaps, was a giant leap by Huawei which seized the #2 position by global volumes, with a 33% year-on-year increase to 52m units. That displaced Apple, which edged up by just 0.5% to
  • overtaken in total global volumes for the first time by Huawei. The Chinese brand catapulted into second place overall with unit sales of over 54m devices, equivalent to 15.8% share, ahead of Apple's
  • for Apple. Chinese manufacturers Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi rounded out the Top Five. Meanwhile, a court of appeal in South Korea released Samsung heir and de facto leader Lee Jae-yong after almost a year
  • the global top five were held by Chinese challengers Huawei, Oppo and Vivo, with between 5% and 10% each. In China itself, Huawei was the #1 smartphone brand with 20% share, ahead of Oppo, Vivo, Apple
  • Meanwhile Omnicom-owned PHD was awarded tech company Huawei's traditional media in China, worth around $175m in billings. Maxus retains digital media. There was very little action in creative assignments
  • global creative assignments for retailer Go Sport and Huawei mobiles, as well as domestic digital for Unilever's Axe. The group's CRM agency Chemistry added local duties for BMW. In other gains, Dentsu

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