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  • 2 A late starter on the acquisition trail, Heineken has now caught up with its bigger rivals. It captured the #1 position in the UK, then set about building a presence in emerging markets with deals
  • Heineken ("refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach") and Cinzano (with Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter). Many of these clients were overseen by star account director Frank Lowe, who became the
  • Despite strong competition from Heineken, Anheuser-Busch and South African Breweries, fast-growing Belgian brewer Interbrew acquired Bass Brewers for £2.3bn. Yet Interbrew's subsequent purchase of Whitbread
  • Anheuser-Busch InBev and Heineken, each of whom had strengthened its position significantly since 2007 with sizeable strategic acquisitions. It lacked a single strong global brand, but controlled a number
  • 10th Jun 2022: Heineken's former Russia CEO Boudewijn Haarsma is transferring to the UK to lead the local business once the brewer's pullout from Russia is complete. He will take over from current CEO
  • Heineken Group US media n/s Dentsu Red Star Canvas Worldwide Piaggio Group Europe media n/s Zenith Upwork US media $20m UM H&L Hansgrohe Germany media n/s Mediaplus Garrard
  • 27 Heineken 13 2,943m $3,263m $3,148m $3,058m 28 Walt Disney Company 4,300m $2,800m $2,600m $2,900m $2,600m 29 Nissan Motor Company 14 2,179m $2,588m $2,723m $2,941m $2,898m $
  • and before that was CMO of Heineken. With a background as a consumer marketer, Nasard is said to found himself at odds with Kantar's focus on data-driven services to business clients. "After a period
  • Previous Next Heineken "Walk-in Fridge" by TBWA Neboko (2009) This Ad Classic hails from the Netherlands, but became such a huge hit online - 15 million views in just the first three months - that
  • Google, Ikea, Samsung, Heineken, McDonald's, Mars and Unilever. Former Grey Global creative chief Tor Myhren, now VP, marketing & communications at Apple, will accept the award at the closing ceremony

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