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  • trails higher-selling international lagers such as Heineken or Carlsberg, although its distinctive black-and-white branding and the striking, often surreal advertising created for the brand between the
  • Diageo agreed to sell Jamaican beer Red Stripe to Heineken for $780m plus the latter's minority stake in Ghana Guinness. Until recently there was also a small portfolio of wine, but this was divested
  • Heineken (Netherlands) Profile subscribers click here for full profile Family-controlled Heineken became the world's second largest brewer during 2016 and owns the best-selling premium beer brand.
  • Mexico's Corona Extra pushed Heineken into second place in 1997, and has steadily increased its lead ever since, becoming one of the world's biggest beers as well as its home country's single most valuable
  • licenses for manufacturing and distributing import brands Heineken , Budweiser and Buckler. In 2009 it took over distribution of Diageo's Guinness and Smirnoff Ice from rival Sapporo, as well as the British
  • Gamble and Nestle, two key global clients. Heineken was an important additional to the global portfolio in 2015. The network's creative reputation is generally good or fair rather than great, although
  • Newcastle in partnership with Heineken. As a result of that deal, and consolidation among other companies, Carlsberg will soon become the world's third largest brewer, although it remains heavily reliant
  • say, Heineken or even Carlsberg. Budweiser is a monster in North America, but still has only limited penetration beyond English-speaking markets. That has been the group's main task since the takeover.
  • and has the local license for Heineken's Strongbow and Bulmers cider. Following the acquisition by SABMiller, CUB absorbed its new owner's existing Australian brewery operations, namely the Bluetongue
  • The brand is owned in Europe by Heineken. Advertising Who handles advertising? Click here for Agency Account Assignments. Competitors See Wine Beer & Spirits for other companies Brand & Activities

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