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  • including Heineken, but like their predecessors these too moved on after a year or less. At around the same time, Berlin himself left the group to dabble in the drinks business. (He now makes Tears of
  • Key among these was the capture of the highly-prized Heineken account, which had been resigned by Lowe. (Frank Lowe reportedly flew out to Heineken's Amsterdam HQ to lend his personal support to the start-
  • consolidated account in 2013 and additional work for Heineken pushed St Luke's back into the Top 30 agencies for the first time in a decade. Nielsen (in Campaign) estimated billings of £49m for 2014.
  • Bud Light and rival Heineken. Stella is positioned internationally as a premium brew, and indeed even as a craft beer in the US market. Since 2014, AB InBev has increasingly positioned it as the most
  • Soon after launch it also captured Heineken, a brand long associated with Frank Lowe, and those two accounts propelled The Red Brick Road straight into the Nielsen/Campaign rankings of the UK's leading
  • to work on a local launch for client Heineken. Later that year Naked Ambition was established as a second string agency brand, to handle conflict brands and allow the group to manage its growth without
  • previously an executive director of Heineken, was finally appointed as chief executive in 2006. Having survived - just - the painful takeover of Safeway, Sir Ken Morrison retired as executive chairman
  • shedding Verizon Communications, Heineken and Diet Coke. As a result, the Partnership concept was scaled back drastically less than two years after its launch in favour of a closer relationship between
  • Despite strong competition from Heineken, Anheuser-Busch and South African Breweries, fast-growing Belgian brewer Interbrew acquired Bass Brewers for £2.3bn. Yet Interbrew's subsequent purchase of Whitbread
  • Heineken UK Profile subscribers click here for full profile Heineken UK is the country's leading brewer as a result of its takeover of the local operations of Scottish & Newcastle in 2008. In addition

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