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  • winning the UK licenses for Heineken (in 1969) and Stella Artois (in 1976). By the mid-1970s, Whitbread controlled 20% of the British lager market. Further expansion came with the move into the wine and
  • Russia and Eastern Europe as part of a joint bid with Heineken to break up the UK's Scottish & Newcastle. Russia has proved more of a burden than a benefit in recent years as a result of sharp declines
  • Adbrands Daily Update 4th Nov 2020: Heineken made two announcements regarding global marketing assignments. The one that garnered the widest media coverage was the fact that it has appointed Publicis
  • Heineken "When You Drive, Never Drink" by Publicis Italy Scotiabank "Hockey Dreams" by Bensimon Byrne Mars Maltesers "Theo's Dog" by AMV BBDO Adbrands Weekly Update takes a short end-of-summer
  • trails higher-selling international lagers such as Heineken or Carlsberg, although its distinctive black-and-white branding and the striking, often surreal advertising created for the brand between the
  • become Europe's third largest brewer after AB InBev and Heineken. Mercedes-Benz is set to topple BMW's decade-long reign as the world's top-selling luxury car brand. By the beginning of December, Mercedes
  • The brand is owned in Europe by Heineken. Advertising Who handles advertising? Click here for Agency Account Assignments. Competitors See Wine Beer & Spirits for other companies Brand & Activities
  • Diageo agreed to sell Jamaican beer Red Stripe to Heineken for $780m plus the latter's minority stake in Ghana Guinness. Until recently there was also a small portfolio of wine, but this was divested
  • Heineken took a step in a new direction with regards to its sports sponsorship portfolio. Traditionally associated with football and rugby, the Dutch brewer will now become a top tier sponsor of Formula
  • 27 Heineken 13 2,943m $3,263m $3,148m $3,058m 28 Walt Disney Company 4,300m $2,800m $2,600m $2,900m $2,600m 29 Nissan Motor Company 14 2,179m $2,588m $2,723m $2,941m $2,898m $

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