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  • Arnold is a secondary advertising brand within Havas. Previously "Arnold Worldwide", it now operates almost exclusively in North America from a single office in Boston. Its international credentials have
  • Havas announced the elimination of separate silos for creative services and media. Following on from its reintegration of Havas Creative Group and Havas Media Group in four key markets, it will now roll
  • Interpublic and Havas agencies under a longterm license. It is very much the personal creation of Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Korobkov. A major, but comparatively low-profile figure in Russia's marketing
  • The structural reorganisation of Havas Group is prompting a certain amount of revolving door activity at senior management levels. This week sees one big gain and one even bigger loss. Peter Mears, COO
  • Here's a totally adorable spot from Havas-owned Rosapark for French supermarket Monoprix, part of the Casino Group. Monoprix celebrates its 85th anniversary in 2017, and in recent years has become famous
  • Carl's Jr "Open Sesame" by Havas Chicago >NZ Lotto "Amoured Car" by DDB New Zealand TBWA's German creative hotshop Heimat unveiled the latest in a series of witty and offbeat films for Das Handwerk,
  • Air New Zealand "A Very Merry Mistake" by Host/Havas >Mattel Scrabble "Family" by LOLA MullenLowe >McDonald's "Go Full Summer" by DDB Australia An ad with llamas! What more do we need to say? San
  • Long-serving Havas Group executive Dominique Delport is leaving to become the London-based director of international activities for Vice Media, reporting to newly appointed group CEO Nancy Dubuc. A key
  • Rather more unexpected was the sudden departure of Havas Worldwide chief Andrew Benett after 13 years with the group. Benett began his Havas career as chief strategy officer at Euro RSCG NY before moving
  • Worldwide is the secondary advertising brand within Havas. Despite the "worldwide" tag, it operates mainly in North America, and its international credentials have undergone several revisions since 2000.

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