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  • 4 in PC monitors behind Dell, Samsung and HP. However, sales have been slipping in this division as a result of the relentless competition in the sector. Combined external sales for 2016 were KWon 17,
  • Packard which resells Canon laser printers under the HP badge. However, like other companies in its sector, it has suffered the impact of the economic downturn since 2008, at least in part from the soaring
  • Perrins sauces and HP tinned foods and sauces were sold to HJ Heinz in 2005 for €700m. Chinese sauces brand Amoy was sold to Ajinomoto for around €190m in early 2006. Virtually all of the group's
  • the Opel 10/12 HP. The car was generally admired, and Opel stepped up production with the goal of expanding as rapidly as possible in order to undercut leading manufacturer Daimler-Benz by producing mass-
  • and then finally overtook HP in 2Q 2013. It remains the best-selling PC brand in China by a considerable margin, a position it has held since 1997, and is now the #2 locally in smartphones behind Samsung.
  • portfolio with the purchase of the local business of HP Bulmer. Ted Kunkel retired as chairman & CEO in 2004. In early 2005 the group surprised the market by acquiring a 19% stake in rival wine group
  • It's rare enough that we feature a single HP ad campaign here, let alone two in the space of a week. However, this new series from Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai for the company's specialist Omen gamer PCs
  • Dion Weisler will step down as CEO of HP in November for family health reasons, though he will remain with the company on an advisory basis until early 2020, when he plans to return to his native Australia.
  • so HP came up with a clever little add-on for its Spectre x360 device. There's a kill switch on the side so you can be sure you're not being observed while occupying yourself with all those intimate activities
  • Lenovo regained the top spot from HP in IDC's ranking of the top-selling PC manufacturers worldwide in 3Q. The US company had overtaken its Chinese rival in 2017 for the first time in years. Total worldwide

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