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  • General Motors or Canon sells OEM laser-printers to HP. However, large advertisers and government regulators disagreed, expressing their concerns over an effective monopoly by Google. After several months
  • portfolio with the purchase of the local business of HP Bulmer. Ted Kunkel retired as chairman & CEO in 2004. In early 2005 the group surprised the market by acquiring a 19% stake in rival wine group
  • the Opel 10/12 HP. The car was generally admired, and Opel stepped up production with the goal of expanding as rapidly as possible in order to undercut leading manufacturer Daimler-Benz by producing mass-
  • Perrins sauces and HP tinned foods and sauces were sold to HJ Heinz in 2005 for €700m. Chinese sauces brand Amoy was sold to Ajinomoto for around €190m in early 2006. Virtually all of the group's
  • between hardware and services executed late last year by HP. A key mover in the decision has been activist investor Carl Icahn, who will end up with three seats on the board of the newly created services
  • Toshiba is the 5th biggest PC marketer in the US behind HP, Dell, Apple and Lenovo. Elsewhere it sits a little further down the rankings behind Taiwanese rivals Acer and Asus. It is said to be hoping
  • notably flagship clients Sprint and HP, Publicis & Hal Riney clawed its way back from the precipice during 2007, but its position as a standalone unit has been under threat since the death of its founder
  • the group agreed to acquire struggling cidermaker HP Bulmer, and sold off the final chunk of its retail portfolio of pubs and bars in October to Sprit Group for £2.5bn. In 2005, S&N relinquished the

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