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  • HP paid $11.1bn for the business, only to write off $8.8bn against the deal just a year later for what it said were accounting misrepresentations. It is demanding damages of $5.1bn from Lynch, thought
  • He transfers from HP where he was EMEA director of media & digital marketing. Samsung's top marketer in the US, Todd Pendleton, is also leaving. Neither his destination nor his successor have yet been
  • Get Real" HP ad comes this splendid satire from DDB Chicago for Miller Lite, amplifying the push back against the fakery and fawning of social media. Your local bar or pub: that's the original social
  • foothold in a market increasingly dominated by IBM and HP. However, Dell's own subsequent strategic path has moved in a different direction. This deal will allow it to pay down some of the substantial
  • Compaq in 2002 as a result of the latter's purchase by HP. The capture of KFC in the US was an important gain in 2003, but there were further major losses in 2004, including global duties for both Boeing
  • another six years before that in a similar role at HP. More recently she ran her own marketing & venture capital studio West. Adbrands Social Media 14th Nov 2018: "Uncle Awesome". We're still six weeks
  • worldwide marketing at HP, and 14 years as VP, worldwide advertising at Apple. He is replaced by Gina Qiao, previously SVP marketing at Lenovo's mobile division. At the same time, Nick Reynolds, former
  • units fell far short of the market leaders Dell and HP, who each shifted more than 25m computers. Lenovo took ownership of IBM's ThinkCentre desktop brand, IntelliCentre workstations and Thinkpad notebooks,
  • increasingly reliant on a few long-standing accounts such as HP and Anheuser-Busch. Founders Rich Silverstein and Jeff Goodby were also increasingly piqued that their reputation as the country's hottest
  • including Lexus, Wal-Mart, HP and Microsoft to construct a prototype auction-style media exchange that could be used to trade TV advertising space in real time. The system, named eBay Media Marketplace,

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