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  • Lenovo held onto its global lead ahead of HP and Dell, reaching a record share of 21.4% in the final quarter, but Apple leapfrogged Acer to take 4th place. It was the only one of the top five to score
  • In yet another dismantling of the old HP empire, one of the two groups created by its split last year will itself break in two. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which retained the old group's IT services,
  • Former HP CEO Mark Hurd and longtime Ellison lieutenant Safra Catz moved up to become co-CEOs. However, Hurd later took leave of absence in 2019 for medical reasons, and died soon afterwards, leaving
  • HP and Compaq. In 2006, even Apple, long considered the traditional enemy of the Wintel pact, joined the group, switching suppliers from IBM to Intel. As a result of these close links, Intel has long
  • entity created in the break-up last year of the former HP giant. It is gradually unpicking the various deals which made the old HP such an unwieldy business. Earlier this year, it agreed to spin off its
  • the mainly B2B company spun out of the old HP group last year. Publicis New York will take over creative from BBDO, supported by Optimedia on media, and Digitas and Razorfish for CRM and digital. Omnicom
  • and #3 in the US after HP and Dell. The company's software division creates the core Apple OS X operating system, along with numerous component cations including the Safari web browser, multimedia cation
  • 4 in PC monitors behind Dell, Samsung and HP. However, sales have been slipping in this division as a result of the relentless competition in the sector. Combined external sales for 2016 were KWon 17,
  • maker Materne-Fruibourg and the canning operations of HP Foods from Danone; Lyons biscuits and later Continental Bakeries from Allied Domecq; and private label food manufacturer Hobsons. It also sold
  • Heinz agreed to acquire another UK favourite, HP Brown Sauce, as well as ketchup rival Daddies, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and the European license for Amoy soy sauce, from Danone for around €

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