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  • Print The Holidays". HP has really been on a hot streak over the past few weeks. Here's our third pick from HP in three weeks, this time featuring the handiwork of endlessly experimental director Michel
  • The break-up of the old HP technology group was completed this week, with the creation of two separate public companies. The slow-growth PC and printer business has been spun off as HP Inc, while the
  • 120 HP 52 $578m $652m $568m $544m $586m $859m $834m 121 Under Armour 579m $544m $565m $478m $418m $333m 122 Canon 53 533m $546m $541m $669m $754m 123 PVH Corp $379m $510m
  • The onetime global leader in PCs lost its place to HP during 2007, before facing an equally daunting challenge from Lenovo, which managed to over-leap both Dell and HP by 2013. Most damaging of all was
  • Several new marketer appointments this week. HP's marketing chief Antonio Lucio is moving to Facebook to take over from CMO Gary Briggs, who will retire at the end of the year. Lucio is replaced as CMO
  • HP closed the gap on rival Lenovo during 3Q 2016, bringing the two tech groups neck-and-neck in the global PC market, according to figures from IDC. Growth at HP lifted the US company's global share to
  • agreed a sale of its computer printer business to rival HP Inc for $1.05bn. The deal highlights the different strategies pursued by the two businesses created in the break-up of the old Hewlett Packard
  • Packard which resells Canon laser printers under the HP badge. However, like other companies in its sector, it has suffered the impact of the economic downturn since 2008, at least in part from the soaring
  • and then finally overtook HP in 2Q 2013. It remains the best-selling PC brand in China by a considerable margin, a position it has held since 1997, and is now the #2 locally in smartphones behind Samsung.
  • global share, but second-placed HP gained ground to end up only 0.4% behind. Dell too enjoyed a lift. However, Apple slipped back into 5th place behind Asus. In the US market, HP and Dell retained their

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