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  • HP advertising & marketing assignments Profile subscribers click here for full profile Selected HP advertising Previous Next HP is one of the world's leading technology brands, the global #1 in
  • 120 HP 52 $578m $652m $568m $544m $586m $859m $834m 121 Under Armour 579m $544m $565m $478m $418m $333m 122 Canon 53 533m $546m $541m $669m $754m 123 PVH Corp 526m $501m
  • The onetime global leader in PCs lost its place to HP during 2007, before facing an equally daunting challenge from Lenovo, which managed to over-leap both Dell and HP by 2013. Most damaging of all was
  • the group agreed to acquire struggling cidermaker HP Bulmer, and sold off the final chunk of its retail portfolio of pubs and bars in October to Sprit Group for £2.5bn. In 2005, S&N relinquished the
  • Get Real" HP ad comes this splendid satire from DDB Chicago for Miller Lite, amplifying the push back against the fakery and fawning of social media. Your local bar or pub: that's the original social
  • Lenovo (24.3%)  HP (32.8%)  HP (25.8%) Lenovo (30.0%) HP (22.9%)  Dell (26.1%) Lenovo (25.0%)  Dell (12.6%) Dell (15.4%) Lenovo (15.6%)  Dell (13.9%)  HP (12.6%) Apple (8.0%)
  • Perrins sauces and HP tinned foods and sauces were sold to HJ Heinz in 2005 for €700m. Chinese sauces brand Amoy was sold to Ajinomoto for around €190m in early 2006. Virtually all of the group's
  • competitors in IT consulting and outsourcing include IBM and HP. Competitors in business consulting include PwC, Deloitte and Ernst & Young. Competitors in marketing services include WPP, Omnicom, Publicis,
  • General Motors or Canon sells OEM laser-printers to HP. However, large advertisers and government regulators disagreed, expressing their concerns over an effective monopoly by Google. After several months
  • including Lexus, Wal-Mart, HP and Microsoft to construct a prototype auction-style media exchange that could be used to trade TV advertising space in real time. The system, named eBay Media Marketplace,

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