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  • sailing and motor racing, three sports where the presence of Nike and Adidas is less keenly felt. Although it was strongly associated with tennis during the 1980s and 1990s through endorsement partnerships
  • Scholz secured the advertising account for GM's Opel business in Germany. A year later, in a stunning coup, it added oversight of the brand in all of the rest of mainland Europe as well, working in some
  • interest from foreign manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors but with little success. Rescue came from industrial heir Herbert Quandt. His father Guenther had acquired Varta, the German manufacturer
  • including trade fairs and other general marketing expenses as well as advertising, of €1.12bn in the year to 2017. Competitors See Fashion & Accessories Sector for other companies Brands & Activities
  • Its biggest area is general non-life insurance, especially in the corporate sector, offering cover in a wide range of including property, casualty, auto and health. In order to focus its operations more
  • consumers concerned over the possible long-term effects of GM foods. Novartis was forced to drop GM ingredients from many of its food brands in the late 1990s, causing a further storm among the farmers
  • past and present work for blue-chip clients including General Motors, Coke, Nike and McDonalds. In the 2000s, the agency set out to establish a presence in the international market, especially in the
  • That led to a commission from General Motors, which in turn led to a contract to develop wireless data systems for the electronic pager division of Canadian company Rogers Communications. The systems
  • For the next 15 years General Motors-Holden manufactured a variety of GM cars designed and developed by Vauxhall in the UK, Opel in Germany or at GM's Detroit base. There was a brief distraction during
  • The first blow was the loss of the massive General Motors account in North America in 2012. Far more dramatic was the quadruple whammy of Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Mondelez and Walmart, all of whom

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